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her bone structure screams 'TOUCH HER! TOUCH HER!'


these are all old.. coz i have no friends in toronto:(

this'll be a random mess... YAY! or.. a hotmess... YAY!

^me and my friend marc

^ian, katelin and mee

^this is the only picture i have of me and mitchy... his eyes dont normally that? hahahaha

^me and dino.. aka dayna

^katelin.. joey and me... dont ask.. haha

^ me and my friend michelle being lame.. and playing 1920's dress up

^mm.. a static lullaby brett is my hubby.. ps.. i love mosh pit sweat.:(

^me, katelin, matt, mike and corey... eee

^ me and michelle... dress up again:(

^ katelin and me MC-ing the battle of the bands i ran;)

^^katelin, ryan and mee

^^my boyfriend..aka Motion City Matt

erika and me... going away party=/ hahaha

^me, michelle, mel and addie at prom:)

^^going away party.. some of my girls

^jacob and erica.. we is gangsters

^me and my bestest friend Jen

^katelin and meeee

well.. i got a bit carried away:( sorry... hope you had as much fun looking at those, as i did.. haha.. coz i laughed at myself alot:( haha

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